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There are those who say that the RRSP is a convenient investment, and others who think otherwise. Invest in RRSP and contribute as much as possible in order to defer the payment of taxes at a later date.

True and false concepts in an RRSP

The RRSP is not a “carte blanche” to avoid paying taxes. That is a false concept. Taxes will be paid, now or later. The RRSP allows you to pay later and in the interim invest your money so that it appreciates in value.

The money invested in an RRSP is designed to be used in retirement. Therefore, you should not  "touch it without good reason"; except for one of these reasons: Down payment for a home, or a family vacation (both are options in the Riviera Maya).

You may be wondering how much money you can contribute to your RRSP. You can start after your first year of work in Canada. In your 'Notice of Assessment' received from the federal government, it will indicate the maximum amount that you can invest. And that amount changes from year to year, depending on your income from the previous year.

Think about your future, your family, and start investing.

You can have an RRSP account with any financial institution in Canada. We recommend you invest with the help of Seaport Credit. It's important to take advice from professionals with investment experience (not just the opinion of an unqualified person).

Remember it is your money. It is your retirement income. You will live off these investments in the future. Consult the professionals at Seaport Credit before making any decisions.

For these and many more reasons, invest with the confidence of knowing that Seaport Credit will look out for your best interests, legally providing everything you need to secure your real estate investment.



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