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Qualified Canadians simply transfer their existing RRSP to a new qualified RRSP on a tax-free basis, for the purpose of investing in a Canadian Mutual Fund Trust which is a qualified investment for RRSP’s. The business of the Mutual Fund is to provide consumer loans to creditworthy Canadian borrowers to finance down payments for Vacation Homes.

Seaport credit has developed strong working relationships with developers and real estate brokerages throughout Mexico and the Caribbean.

Inspired by the hugely successful Home Buyers Plan (HBP), which assisted many Canadians in proudly achieving the goal of home ownership . Seaport Credit provides the link between you and your under utilized RRSP funds to assist you with the purchasing of your vacation dream home in the sun.

In this spirit, we have endeavored to create a unique product that likewise assists Canadians in acquiring that home in paradise they always dreamed of.


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